The Center for the Study and Advancement of Justice Effectiveness (SAJE) is an inter-institutional, interdisciplinary collaborative emphasizing justice-related research translation.


The SAJE Center partners with government agencies and community organizations to
scaffold a participatory-action oriented model of investigation designed to examine community identified needs. In tandem with investigating collaboratively generated research questions, the SAJE Center builds data-infrastructure to monitor and reassess research outcomes. The process of developing community-research-driven programming and policy is thus supported by regular evaluation of research-based evidence. SAJE’s effort in creating a transparent, self-evaluative data-infrastructure contributes to its mission to develop a system of co-directional knowledge transfer among community, policy, and research bodies. As the network of SAJE Center collaborators expands, so does its capacity to accelerate innovative and impactful justice system reform.



The SAJE Center mission is to accelerate progress in the justice system by linking community, research and government in sustained partnership.

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