In 2016, the King County Juvenile Justice Equity Steering Committee voted to support a proposal by the King County Department of Public Defense (DPD) to pilot a theft diversion project, later named Theft 3 and Mall Safety (T3AMS). The primary purpose of the pilot was to reduce racial disproportionality in law enforcement referrals to the King County juvenile justice system and to use place-based strategies to de-escalate situations that could result in the arrest of young people at the Southcenter Mall in Tukwila (referred to as Mall Safety). Both the Theft3 and Mall Safety programs were operated out of the Southcenter Mall beginning in April 2017. The University of Washington conducted an analysis to evaluate the impact of the T3AMS program on racial disproportionality in law enforcement referrals for misdemeanor theft in the city of Tukwila and the impact of the program on recidivism rates. The evaluation also assessed whether the program was likely to improve the experience of youth compared to typical processing.


SAJE’s evaluation of the T3AMS program was completed in the Summer of 2019 and the report was delivered to the T3AMS Governance Committee.


The T3AMS evaluation was funded by King County, Washington.