Housing Stability for Youth in Courts (H-SYNC)

HSYNC Logo.png

The H-SYNC model was developed by the SAJE team in collaboration with Snohomish and Kitsap County workgroups and is intended to serve as a prevention tool for youth homelessness. Specifically, it’s designed to identify youth at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness within the juvenile court system and subsequently refer youth to appropriate prevention and housing services via a stepped-care model. The court system serves as a pivotal resource for the identification of these populations in need due to the high frequency of police and court contact these populations experience.

SAJE and the Raikes and Block-Leavitt Foundations are currently looking for partners to fund the statewide implementation phase of the H-SYNC model, which will include implementation in several counties in Washington State, including King, Kitsap, Snohomish, and Okanogan Counties.

The H-SYNC team is led by Dr. Sarah Walker and is funded by the Raikes and Block-Leavitt Foundations. For more information on the H-SYNC model, click here to download our report brief which outlines the development of the model (formerly known as YHS) and its components. Click here to download the full report.