Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT) Validation

Washington State began implementation of the Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT) in
1999, under the recommendation that the tool receive regular evaluation and continued quality
assurance. As an assessment metric, the PACT better equips the juvenile justice system with
accurate information to the risks and needs of youth entering into the system. However, while
accurate information poises juvenile justice service providers to better meet youths’ needs, the
PACT had not undergone substantive evaluation and validation since its initial implementation.
In partnership with the Washington State Center for Court Research (WSCCR), Washington
State University conducted a large-scale validation study of the PACT. The results of this study
affirm the PACT’s predictive validity, and put forth a series of re-weighting recommendations
based on gender and offense type that render the PACT more accurate.

Download Washington State University’s full validation study here