Advisory Committee

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Mike Merringer

Juvenile Court Administrator | Kitsap County Juvenile and Family Court Services

Mike Merringer is the Juvenile Court Administrator for Kitsap County Juvenile and Family Court Services. Prior to Merringer’s appointment to Kitsap County in 2011, he served as Administrator for the Island County Superior Court’s Juvenile and Family Court Services for 11 years. Merringer has served in leadership roles in the Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators (WAJCA) since 2004, and has over 29 years of experience working within the juvenile justice system in Washington State. In his capacity as Juvenile Court Administrator, Merringer has overseen the development of juvenile and adult drug courts, the implementation of evidence-based treatment programs, and has advocated for expanding alternatives to detention.

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Rep. Tina Orwall

33rd Legislative District | Washington State House of Representatives

Elected in 2008, Rep. Orwall has sponsored a range of legislation in the areas of homelessness and housing foreclosure, suicide prevention, and the maintenance and usage of DNA evidence in Washington State. A well-seasoned social worker, Rep. Orwall continues to advocate for Washington’s most disenfranchised citizens, demonstrating her commitment to justice through legislative appointments and assignments advancing access to quality education and reducing sexual and gender-based violence in Washington State.

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Senator Jeannie Darneille

27th Legislative District | Washington State Senate

Sen. Jeannie Darneille serves as the Senator for Washington’s 27th legislative district in the Washington State Senate. A former member of the Washington State House of Representatives, Sen. Darneille has served Washington citizens for over 16 years through the State Legislature. The ranking minority member of the Human Services, Mental Health & Housing Committee, Sen. Darneille has fought for healthcare expansion for children, families, and those with disabilities. Outside of legislative session, Sen. Darneille continues to advocate for justice and equality through her consultant work with non-profits and her volunteering.

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Evelyn Clark

Chair of the Youth Subcommittee |  Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice

Evelyn was appointed by the Governor as a member of the Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice and as Chair of the Youth Subcommittee, leading youth to be agents of change. She also serves as the Youth Liaison for Washington State's Department of Social and Health Services' Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery Unit. Revolving in and out of the juvenile justice system from ages 12 to 17, she was able to create a new life for herself and her family with the help of her probation officer. For 8 years, she served youth in long-term inpatient facilities, juvenile rehabilitation facilities, juvenile detention, the foster care system, and the Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe) program. She has also served on local community boards such as the Tacoma Gang Reduction Project, Pierce County Sexual Exploitation of Minors Task Force, Tacoma Gun Safety, and Pierce County Juvenile Court Youth and Family Council as the Youth Tri Lead. During her last two years of direct service, she was the Youth Tri lead for Pierce County WA Family Youth System Partner Round Tables. Evelyn is currently the Program Manager for a Youth Professional Leadership Training, a WISe youth coach, a FYSPRT youth coach, and recently helped create the Washington State Children’s Behavioral Health Youth Network.  


Kim Justice

Executive Director | Office of Homeless Youth | Washington State Department of Commerce

Kim Justice leads the Office of Homeless Youth at the WA State Department of Commerce. Kim has over 15 years of experience in legislative advocacy, public policy, and community organizing. Prior to joining the Office of Homeless Youth, Kim was a senior budget analyst with the WA State Budget & Policy Center. She has worked as a policy advisor for the WA State House of Representatives, as a community organizer and lobbyist with the Statewide Poverty Action Network, and served as board vice president for The Mockingbird Society, a nationally recognized youth advocacy organization.